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Performance Tactics and Resiliency Science


"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” ~PerformTRS 

Through health, wellness, and fitness practices we aim to unleash your inner potential physically, mentally, and spiritually, to be a leader in your own life and the communities you serve.  





Simply just a son, a brother, a father, a friend, a mentor, and a strength and condition coach with an ever-evolving appetite to help others achieve greatness. I can not start any conversation without sharing how greatly indebted I am as a person to all those who have helped me, and continue to do so, on my journey to be in service to the people on our communities. 

The Shaping of a Man

From a early age I was diagnosed with an incurable disease, abandoned by my mother due to addiction, lost a loving father far too soon, lived with just about every aunt and uncle in my family, continually exposed to drug and alcoholic tendencies and behaviors, have not always made the best choices, and most importantly I am a human just like you. I have been categorized, abandoned, broken, misguided, lost and at times knew no meaning. For some reason far beyond my explanation, I am not what statistics project my life outcomes to be. These are not my negatives people, these are the driving forces for who I am and who I am to become. I do not seek anyone's sympothy, but rather aim to clarify that I am just like you, a human with real world obstacles and challenges to face.  Somehow by the grace of universe, I still stand tall and strive to help others make lifestyle choices that directly correlate with their health and wellness. 

I was born on September 3rd of 1989  in New Castle, PA, and raised in a house-hold of many brothers and sisters. We all share far too many family struggles, leading to undo hardships, unexpected tragedies, untimely loss of loved ones, and simply put, not your typical American dream. We have witnessed life's chaotic ups and downs to the fullest at rather a young age. Bouncing from home to home, family to family, friends to friends, and even strangers to strangers; placing an unfair amount of stress on all our minds. You see, where I come from hasn't always been cup cakes and rainbows. I have slept on floors with cock roaches, watched my brother die two feet in front of my eyes, listened to countless arguments over the lack of bare necessities, and somehow my existence has been spared. Don't let it go to waste. If you still have a pulse and maybe even feel as though the world is weighing on your shoulders, I suggest you learn to push back. Keep on pressing forward. Accept the challenge of life and never give up. 

The Makings of a Dream 

When I was 8 years old, I would play in the forest, pretending to be an Gi-Joe. Building tree fortresses and lining up countless little green army men to shoot with a bebe gun. Crawling, sprinting, and climbing through a vision of becoming something beyond myself. 

Uncle Mike Jackson (Marine Veteren), Cod
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